Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doug Foland of Portland OR. is the author of 2 books.
Florence Ceramics Collectibles An Era Of Elegance.
A Tribute To Edwin Bower Hesser And His Wife Eve.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Florence Ceramics Pasadena California.

The first grouping of figurine represent parts of ourpersonal  lives. There are many more in this grouping. I have just shown these.

There will also be a grouping of Historical personalities. It will seem as they are frozen in time in these beautiful ceramic works of Art.

These figurines also will have a group that represent world fashion designers.These fashions done as figurines show some of the finest fashions in history.

Grand Mother And I Florence Ceramics Of Pasadena, CA

The Bride Florence Ceramics Of Pasaden, CA.

Spring Revelry

Love Letter Florence Ceramics Of Pasadena, CA

Teen Years.

Schools Days.

Birthday Parties.

Bedtime Stories.